General Contracting

While we at Turner Bros. Contractors Ltd. specialize in offering high-quality drywalling services, steel stud framing, and acoustic ceilings for small or large commercial projects, we are also prepared to tackle general contracting jobs. Very often our specific job areas require expertise into general contracting as well, and the lines are not always well defined.

We have been providing contracting services to the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia since 1932. The company represents four generations of experienced professional contractors who are known in the industry for reliable and quality work.

These blog articles are the fruit of our desire to share that knowledge with you, our customer.

The frame of a building is crucial for creating a safe, stable, and easy-to-maintain structure.  Therefore, it is important to choose a good contractor that will do an excellent job during the setup. But with so many options out there, it can be...
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When mixing steel and wood studs in a restoration project, strength, durability, and quality are key factors to consider. This type of building construction performs very well and stands up to natural disasters. Below are the benefits of mixing steel
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You absolutely can replace a load-bearing wall with a steel support beam. This is because steel support beams are designed to be load-bearing in big buildings, skyscrapers, and garages. There are several reasons why you can and should replace a load-
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