Steel framing

The lifespan of steel stud framing is extremely long. It is stronger than wood framing, and yet it is lighter. At Turner Bros. Contractors Ltd., we provide steel stud framing services to developers, custom builders, and project managers on a variety of commercial and industrial projects throughout Greater Vancouver. Steel stud framing doesn't shrink, it doesn't split and it doesn't ever rot. It is not succeptible to pests or mold. And it is fireproof.

At Turner Bros. Contractors Ltd., we have been providing steel stud framing services throughout Greater Vancouver for a long time. We worked with developers, custom builders, and project managers on commercial and industrial projects. With these articles we aim to share with you all the knowledge derived from our vast experience.

As the dog days of summer fade away into the rearview mirror, business owners are shifting their attention towards the unforgiving cold of the winter. While it is easy for citizens to bundle up, offices and homes do not have the same option.
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The types of studs used in a construction project can have a major impact on its long-term durability. For instance, the extreme temperature of summer and winter will impact their performance.
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The frame of a building is crucial for creating a safe, stable, and easy-to-maintain structure.  Therefore, it is important to choose a good contractor that will do an excellent job during the setup. But with so many options out there, it can be...
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