Acoustic Ceilings

Welcome to the blog articles pages for acoustic ceilings and acoustic ceiling installation by your experts at Turner Bros.Contractors Ltd.

We spend a substantial part of our life at work, and being comfortable in a great space is essential for not only for comfort but ultimately for productivity as well. Turner Bros can give your workplace an inviting and comfortable feel with an acoustic ceiling designed to minimize sound transfer from outside and above, and reduce echoe within your own space. These ceilings are also very convenient to hide cables, ventilation ducts and all of the unsighlty guts of your office.

At Turner Bros. Contractors Ltd., we have been providing professional and reliable contracting services, including the installation of acoustic ceilings  in residential, industrial and commercial projects for a log time, and in those years we amassed a rich experience and an extensive knowledge of the industry. This blog articles are the fruit of our desire to share that knowledge with you, our customer.

Aesthetic Benefits of Acoustic Ceilings: Design Meets Functionality. Read Here to Create a Beautiful and Soundproof Space.
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Custom Acoustic Solutions for Unique Spaces - Follow This Guide to Create a Soundproof Space in Any Building.
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Can Acoustic Ceilings Help Insulate Noise in a Multilevel Property? Yes, they can noticeably reduce sound. Learn more here.
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