Steel Stud Framing in GReater Vancouver, BC

Looking for steel stud framing for your commercial building? At Turner Bros. Contractors Ltd., we provide steel stud framing services to developers, custom builders, and project managers on a variety of commercial and industrial projects throughout Greater Vancouver.

We offer standard interior and exterior steel stud frames for structural and load bearing support systems using a heavy gauge steel that is preferred over wood frames.

Why Steel stud framing is superior to wood framing?

Steel Stud framing is superior to wood framing for the following reasons:

  • Steel studs are stronger than wood studs
  • Steel studs are lighter and faster to work with than wood framing
  • Steel studs will not shrink or split
  • Steel studs are impervious to mold and rot from moisture ingress
  • Wood framing may cause concern with insect infestation, steel studs will not
  • Steel stud framing is fireproof

Steel stud framing is exceptionally durable, and by some estimates may last for centuries. Our professional team is highly trained in the installation of steel stud frames, and we are known in the industry for our high quality and reliable workmanship. We work hard to ensure that our clients are happy with the finished product.

Turner Bros. Contractors Ltd. is a family-run company providing general contracting services since 1932, specializing in steel stud framing, drywall installation and acoustic ceiling services for commercial, industrial and large residential buildings.

To contact us about your steel stud framing project in Greater Vancouver, please give our office a call at 604-532-1991.

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