Acoustic Ceiling Installation in Vancouver

If you are looking for a high quality acoustic ceiling, eliminating sound travel between floors, you should contact Vancouver based Turner Bros. Contractors Ltd. For four generations, Turner Bros. Contractors Ltd. have been providing professional and reliable contracting services, including installation of acoustic ceilings to residential, industrial and commercial customers.

Ceiling Styles

Turner Bros. offers the following brands of ceilings:

Tiled Ceilings

Tiled acoustic ceilings come in many colours contours and tile shapes. When getting creative, your tiled ceiling is not only very functional and versatile, but also add a layer of personalization and beauty to your space. We work with many brands, including Armstrong, Chicago Metallic, CertainTeed & 9 Wood and Geometric products.

Sprayed Ceilings

Using high quality spray, Turner Bros. can provide paintable textured ceilings of various styles and colours.

Wood Ceilings

Acoustic Wood Ceilings look beautiful when done right. Soundproofing is added to the wood using a layer of fibreglass to prevent travel of sound between floors and minimize echoes within your space. Turner Bros. provides exceptional quality wood ceilings using 9Wood and Geometrik products.

Benefits Of Acoustic Ceilings

There are several benefits of using acoustic ceilings.

  • Acoustic ceilings are of course that they do not allow sound to transmit between floors – you hear much less of the voices or the pounding of music or footsteps than a ceiling not designed to minimize sound transfer.
  • Acoustic ceilings minimize the echoes within your space, making conversations easier, especially speaking to larger groups of people.
  • With a drop (T-bar) ceiling, you can change out acoustic tiles for a different look, to access wiring above, or swap out damaged tiles quickly.
  • Acoustic Ceilings look great! If using a drop ceiling, there are many options for shapes / colours / styles, or changing material types.

Commercial Acoustic Ceilings

In a 40 year career, you will spend approximately 10 years working. Being comfortable in a great space is essential for comfort and ultimately productivity. In addition to steel stud framing and drywall installation, Turner Bros can give your workplace an inviting and comfortable feel with a great ceiling. Contact us as to discuss your options ‐ whether you want a sprayed ceiling, acoustic ceiling tiles, flat or shaped ceilings.

At Turner Bros. Contractors Ltd., our team is experienced in creating Acoustic Ceilings in a variety of residential and commercial applications including unique architectural designs ‐if you can think it, we can create it.

Contact Us for more information on Acoustic Ceiling Tiles for your Commercial or Industrial application.

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