What Types of Drywall Finish Options are There?

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What Types of Drywall Finish Options are There

Drywall is one of the most important construction components in a building, even if it is not the most visible. Therefore, with something as important as drywall setup, there are going to be different types of drywalls finishes that each consumer should be aware of.

Popcorn Texture

This is one of the best-known drywall finishes. It gets its name from its rounded knob-like and slightly extruded texture. This is the preferred drywall finish to use when you need to cover up ceiling repairs. It also has some slight noise dampening benefits.

Comb Drywall Texture

Comb drywall texture is a finish that is applied with a toothed trowel, which creates a series of grooves in the ceiling or wall. The is the preferred type of drywall for buildings concerned with sound acoustics. In addition to this, the grooves also help to hide imperfections in the finished ceiling.

Drywall Texture Spray

Drywall texture spray can be added to your finished drywall after installation. This creates a unique surface that will also cover imperfections such as nail holes and dents created by dropped tools. This type of texture spray is used to protect painted walls in a room from scratches.

Orange Peel Finish

This drywall finish features a subtly wrinkled and cracked surface that looks like an orange peel. You will find orange peel drywall applicators in most home-improvement stores. They are often used for accent walls or backsplashes in kitchens.

Spray Sand Ceiling Finish

Spray sand ceiling finish is made from a mix of very thin mud, water, and sand with primer. It is then paired with a hopper gun to spray the mixture onto the ceiling. When you do it properly, you will get a textured surface that does not separate and crack like an orange peel finish. People often use it as an accent or for drywall trowel texture.

Other Common Types of Drywall Finish Include:

  • Sand swirl finish
  • Stomp brush texture
  • Cross feet texture
  • Rosebud texture
  • Cream texture
  • Expanded or densified polystyrene finish

As you can see, there are many kinds of drywall options to choose from. The best way to find the right one for your needs is by contacting a professional. They can listen to your concerns and recommend the best one for your needs.

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