What Type of Drywall Has The Best Sound Insulation?

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What Type of Drywall Has The Best Sound Insulation?

Drywall is an important component of the internal walls and ceilings within a home. The use of drywall provides design flexibility, fire resistance, and sound insulation from unwanted noise. However, not every type of drywall will provide the same benefits. When it comes to sound insulation, you will need a certain type of drywall.

As a rule of thumb, thicker drywall helps to reduce vibrations and nullify sound waves from entering the room. Generally, sound dampening drywall will be between 1/2" to 3/4" wide, allowing them to effectively reduce noise vibrations.

Is Drywall Good for Sound Installation?

Yes, drywall can help with sound insulation. When it comes to sound insulation, drywall can provide a variety of benefits. When the drywall is created with gypsum, viscoelastic, and ceramics, it can reduce noise vibration that enters and exits the room.

As a result, this type of installation gives you better privacy and provides effective sound insulation from outside noises.

What Drywall Works Best for Your Home?

As you can see, drywall provides many benefits. The best type of drywall for sound insulation will be a thicker board panel made with gypsum, viscoelastic, and ceramics.

It is important to note that installing drywall is a complicated process. The drywall panels need to be designed around your needs and then they need to be installed professionally. An incorrectly installed drywall panel will not provide effective sound insulation.

If you want to learn more about drywall, or you are looking for an effective sound dampening drywall, contact Turner Bros. Our team of trained professionals can help you determine which drywall is right for your needs.

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