What Is a T-Bar?

What Is a T-Bar?

A T-Bar is an extremely useful metal bar in the shape of a T and is an excellent choice for structural and load bearing applications. They are generally considered stronger than angle bars due to the integrity of the T shape.

The upper portion of the T, which is known as the flange, bears the weight and resists compressive stresses whereas the bottom portion, which is known as the web, is resistant to shear stresses and supports the flange, preventing bending or buckling. The most common use of T-Bars outside of major construction projects is as supports for a dropped ceiling.

The three most common materials used to construct T-Bars are aluminum, stainless steel and brass. Material is important when considering what the T-Bar is going to be used for.

Aluminum is the lightest, cheapest, and easiest to work with of the three. Stainless steel is strong but more brittle than aluminum and while it is very corrosion resistant, stainless is a misnomer as it will eventually begin to discolor and rust. It is also non-magnetic, easy to weld and has poor electrical conductivity if any of those are concerns. Brass has a unique look with its golden color and has a better strength to weight ratio than stainless steel. Brass has a high melting point, is highly conductive and is not recommended for welding though it can be easily soldered.

Hopefully we’ve been able to provide you some education in regard to the uses of the T-Bar that can help you make sound construction decisions in the future.

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