What Are the Fire Resistance Properties of Steel Stud Framing?

What Are the Fire Resistance Properties of Steel Stud Framing?

Steel stud framing is a popular choice among builders and architects due to its durability, strength, and ease of installation. But one important factor often overlooked when selecting building materials is their fire resistance properties.

Steel studs have several fire-resistant properties that make them an ideal choice for construction purposes.

Steel studs are made from galvanized or zinc-coated steel that maintains its integrity even at high temperatures. This makes them an excellent choice for structures that require enhanced fire resistance capabilities such as commercial buildings and multi-family residential units.

In addition, steel is one of the best thermal conductors, this means that heat dissipates faster thus reducing heat transfer between separated spaces during a fire.

In terms of UL ratings, steel framing systems can achieve 1–4-hour FRR (Fire Resistance Ratings), which indicates the amount of time the steel can withstand direct fire exposure.

Overall, steel stud framing offers numerous benefits over traditional wood-framing alternatives regarding underlying strength and resilience against potential structural integrity failure.

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