What are the Different Types of Acoustic Ceilings?

there are different types of acoustic ceilings

A ceiling can have a large impact on the acoustics of a given room and space. This is especially true when the type of flooring allows for echoing of noise, such as concrete or tile floors. Acoustic ceilings are specialized ceilings that are noise abosorbent, and can help to minimize harsh echoes. We will be looking at some different acoustic ceiling types.

Acoustic Ceiling Types

Drop Ceiling

The most common acoustic ceiling is a drop ceiling. This uses a metal grid which is suspended from the structural ceiling in which either 2x2 or 2x4 foot tiles are placed. There are other sizes of tiles available, but these tend to be the more common options.  These tiles are designed to absorb noise, and are available in a wide range of materials from fibreglass, to polypropylene and foam options. Modern acoustic tiles are also available in a wide range of styles, and not just the old fashioned white.

Glued Ceiling

In some cases, these acoustic tiles may be glued directly to the structural ceiling. Specialized 1x1 acoustic tiles are usually used for this option. This removes the need to install the metal grid, and is a good option when the drop ceiling is not needed to hide pipes, wires and exposed ducts.

Popcorn Ceilings

You have probably seen plenty of popcorn ceilings before, but may not have realized one of the primary benefits of them. The popcorn, usually made up of stucco, is sprayed on and provides acoustic dampening properties, similar to what acoustic tiles are able to do. Popcorn ceilings help to dampen acoustics due to the increase in surface area that they provide compared to a flat ceiling. The extra surface area helps to muffle sound.

Acoustic ceilings are a necessity in spaces that have high traffic or hold several people at a time. Talk to Turner Bros for your next acoustic ceiling installation.

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