What are the Advantages of Using Steel Stud Framing in a Commercial Building?

steel stud framing

There are so many framing options available these days for commercial building products. Large timber framing, wood stud framing, and steed stud framing to name a few. Commercial construction in modern times has leaned heavily on using steel stud frames, and there are a number of advantages to sticking with this material option.

Metal does not rot

Steel construction does not rot and wear like wood can. Over time, steel stud frames will remain straight and keep their original shape without warping. Even if moisture manages to make its way into the walls, the framing will stay strong and true.

Cost Effective

Steel framing and wood options tend to be similar in price, and both are cost effective options. The big difference here is that steel prices tend to be fairly stable, whereas wood is often changing. This can help because when planning a large project, price stability is very important in budgeting construction costs.

Fire Proof

Steel stud framing is fireproof, as metal does not burn. This can help to reduce and mitigate damage should a fire occur in the future.


Finally, metal framing is easier to install and work with compared to wood. Part of this is because metal is lighter weight than wood, making it easier for framers to handle and moved. They are attached using screws, so they can be moved or taken apart easier, and they have holes already in them, making the electricians life a bit easier.

Both metal and wood are great options for framing and you can not go wrong with either choice. However, steel framing does carry certain advantages - there is a reason why it is used and seen so often. For your next commercial building project, choose steel stud framing from Turner Bros.

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