The Case for Replacing Old Plaster with Drywall

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The Case for Replacing Old Plaster with Drywall

The case for replacing old plaster with drywall is easy, as old plaster is prone to a host of issues, most of which stem from its age and the natural degradation of the material over time. Upgrading from old plaster to new drywall eliminates these issues and keeps your structure strong and fortified.

Despite requiring some effort, replacing old plaster with drywall is a straightforward process and prudent idea. The process involves removing old plaster, preparing the area, installing insulation (if necessary), hanging new drywall panels, securing them with screws, taping and mudding seams, then sanding and painting for a clean finish. 

Why Replace Old Plaster With New Drywall?

Comparing old plaster to modern drywall is similar to comparing a dated product to a new and improved version.

For starters, drywall is specifically designed to be durable, easier to repair, and more fire-resistant than old plaster. Adding to its benefits is the range of customization drywall offers compared to plaster. Drywall installers can provide smooth or textured finishes, and sealants and paints are customized according to your preferences. 

For these reasons, new drywall is a sound investment for any homeowner looking to replace their old plaster. While it's a bit of a process, it can be very quick and stress-free when you work with a reputable company. 

Trust us though, a little time and investment is worth it, as the result is a sturdy, modern, and efficient wall surface that adds value and protection to your property.

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