Is Steel Stud Framing Truly Mold Resistant?

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The growth of mold in any building structure can pose a serious challenge. Removing moisture inside a residential or a commercial building is can be difficult and costly. We also know that mycotoxins and mold can contribute to or trigger lung disease and allergies.

Mold Growth and Moisture

For mold to thrive and grow in structures, moisture must be present for a long time. The three basic factors that cause too much moisture in a building include the following:

* The tightness of a building: if the moisture does not escape from inside, mold will accumulate gradually. There needs to be regular air exchange between the inside air and outside air.

* The liquid water moisture infiltration from leaky roofs, leaky windows, plumbing leaks, and foundation leaks.

* Accumulation of water on susceptible materials, which increases the risk of mold. The mold needs something to feed on.

Steel Stud Framing

Mold-resistant steel stud framing helps in reducing the growth and occurrence of mold in houses or commercial buildings, but buildings must be constructed with enough ventilation.

Residential and commercial structures should be constructed professionally to overcome the infiltration of water. This ensures integrity of the building envelope and mitigates the occurring of crevices and cracks of a building--where water can come in.

Steel stud framing is one of the beneficial ways to construct houses and other big structures to help resist the growth of mold. Steel studs can rust, but they won't mold.

The creativity and innovation that comes with building with steel stud framing is increasing because this material is highly durable and versatile and resistant to mold.

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