Is Steel Stud Framing Better Suited for Commercial Developments?

Steel stud framing is the industry standard for commercial developments.

When analyzing the options for exterior framing on commercial developments, steel stud framing has quickly become the industry standard. Steel studs present many advantages over traditional wood framing, including:

  • No Warping or Rotting
  • More accurate
  • More Strength and less weight
  • Cost

Wood can warp and rot as it ages. Steel studs do not. This means that years down the road, buildings constructed with the use of steel studs will still be standing strong and true, with less maintenance then their wood cousins. You won’t find insects enjoying your steel.

Steel stud framing is also more accurate. Each piece of steel is cut to an exact measurement, without any wobbles or warps. This makes for a clean, flawless job when properly  installed. It is also not difficult to work with, and most skilled labourers are able to install it almost as quickly as they would a wood frame.

Steel stud framing is also much stronger than wood, and in many cases weighs less. Not only this, but steel is fire resistant, especially compared to flammable wood products. It is also easy to store as it waits to be used in the commercial development.

Finally, steel framing studs are actually more cost effective then wood, in most cases being the cheaper option.

These key factors make steel stud framing exceptionally suitable for commercial developments, and are the primary drivers as to why steel stud framing has quickly become the industry standard.

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