is Steel Stud Framing Better for the Environment?

steel stud framing is eco friendly

Steel continues to be the material of choice when it comes to material choices for building construction. Steel stud framing has many advantages, but one commonly asked question is whether steel stud framing contributes to eco friendly construction. Fortunately, there are many reasons as to why steel stud framing is eco friendly.

Reduce Construction Waste

One of the primary benefits of steel stud framing is that each piece is engineered and manufactured to specific dimensions, for a specific purpose. This means that when it comes to actual home or building construction, there is very little to no steel waste on the job site. Compare this to wood, which arrives in standard lengths and must be cut down, resulting in excess waste ending up in the dumpster.

Steel is Recyclable

Another perk of steel is that it can fully be recycled and reused. This is true for not only the manufacturing of the steel studs, but also at the end of the life of the building. The steel can be removed and melted down to produce new steel products.

Steel Does Not Need to be Treated

Another environmental perk of steel is that it does not need to be sprayed or treated to resist pests. Wood framing products often need to be sprayed or treated with environmentally hazardous chemicals to allow it to resist pests such as termites. This spray serves as a hazard to the environment, and steel does not require it.

As you can see, there are many ways that steel stud framing is eco friendly. There is a huge list of other perks of steel as well, so it is easy to see why it has been used for commercial construction for decades, and is becoming much more popular for residential construction. Choose steel stud framing from Turner Bros for your next building project.


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