Is Steel Framing the Best Choice for Commercial Buildings and Malls?


Steel framing in the construction of commercial buildings and malls is increasing and is gradually becoming the mainstream building technology. Steel framing is rapidly becoming the best choice for commercial buildings. Commercial steel buildings include parkades, theatres, exhibition hall, stadiums, shopping malls and many more. Famous structures like the Eiffel Tower, New York Empire State Building, Dubai Sailing Nest, and Beijing Bird’s Nest are steel structure buildings.

Benefits of Steel Framing

The steel I-beam is much lighter compared to a wood-beam design. Steel I-beams weigh less than Parallam, LVL, and glulam beams. The lightweight steel lowers material shipping costs and can simplify the design of a building foundation and other building structural support systems, which can further improve project budgets.

You can build faster with steel

The steel parts can be pre-designed for a specific style and dimensions inside the factory and shipped ready to be fixed inside commercial buildings. This is a unique benefit as it speeds up the construction time significantly, making it possible to accomplish large-scale projects in a matter of weeks.

Save money with steel

You can recycle steel: You don’t have to pay landfill charges for non-recyclable building waste, you can recycle metal and steel building materials.

Steel is durable: It is durable and requires little maintenance; it is a more economical alternative for investors.

Steel is incredibly versatile: You can mold steel into any shape. The versatility of steel is what makes it to be an attractive option for commercial buildings and mall owners.

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