How Do You Hang Drywall on Metal Studs?

how to hang drywall on metal studs

Metal studs have always been popular in commercial and industrial building, but have gained popularity in residential building in recent years. One question many people ask is how to hang drywall on metal studs.


Drywall nails won’t hold, and trying to screw in regular drywall screws will leave you frustrated. You will want to instead use specialized self-tapping drywall screws.

Here is the correct method of drywall installation on metal studs.

1- First, you want to make sure that your studs are secured to both the top and bottom plates of the wall. They should be correctly spaced at 16 inches apart and should be perfectly vertical, or plumb.

2- Next, line up your first piece of drywall to the studs. It is best to hang each drywall sheet horizontally, rather than vertical. Once the drywall is in place, you will want to start driving in your first screw.


You want to start by screwing in both ends of the drywall, spacing screws about 12” apart.

3- You will need to apply some force once it first hits the stud, but once it taps a hole it should go in fairly simply.


Make sure you put the screw to a depth of about 1/16 of an inch below the drywall paper.

4- Once both ends are secure, then begin to run the screws along each of the other studs, using the same spacing. Once the first sheet is securely fastened, butt the next sheet up to it, and make sure you leave the screws about half an inch from each edge.

5- Once you drywall has been hung, you can now move onto taping and adding drywall compound.

Hanging drywall on metal studs is very similar to hanging it on wood studs, but does need proper screws and a bit more patience. Often, for a clean, professional job it is best left to the experts, such as the pros from Turner Bros.

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