How Do Rising Real Estate Prices Affect the Steel Stud Framing Industry?

How Do Rising Real Estate Prices Affect the Steel Stud Framing Industry?

The cost of land in Canada continues to rise, and it is causing developers, real estate agents, and homebuyers to place more value on steel stud framing. Steel stud framing has historically been more expensive than wood, but due to rising lumber costs, soaring real estate prices, and disruptions in the supply chain, steel stud framing is now much more affordable.

How Steel Stud Framing is Helping the Real Estate Market

Homes designed with steel stud framing are sought after and often sell for higher than the asking price. Prospective homebuyers value the longevity and cost-saving benefits that steel stud framing provides.

Steel stud framing is typically more resistant to fire and can support greater loads than traditional wood frame construction. The additional weight capacity makes steel a safer choice when constructing high-rise properties.

Steel stud framing also has a much longer service life than wood. Steel studs are made with recycled steel and can last for up to 75 years. Wood, on the other hand, has a life span of 50-60 years. The difference in lifespan and maintenance costs between steel and wood framing is significant when it comes to long-term costs.

Last but not least, steel stud framing has also proven itself to be a leader in terms of energy efficiency. This advantage makes steel stud framing a popular choice for Net Zero Energy Homes. The popularity of these homes will only increase as the building industry continues to pursue green projects with greater frequency.

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