How Are Rising Prices Affecting Steel Framing Value?

How Are Rising Prices Affecting Steel Framing Value

Steel framing is a construction method that involves using steel beams to create the frame of a building. When it comes to the preferred framing material, steel is an excellent option. However, traditional wooden framing has largely been more popular. Many have historically opted for wood as the material of choice due to the lower costs associated with traditional framing.

With that in mind, supply chain issues throughout 2021 have affected the prices of both materials in different ways. The rising cost of lumber has had a drastic impact on the value of steel framing.

How Are Rising Prices Affecting the Value of Steel Framing?

For years, wooden framing has been the more affordable choice. Right at the start of 2020, the cost of lumber was around $387/1000 board feet. But by the end of 2021, the cost of lumber has risen to $1052/1000 board feet.

This massive increase is the result of supply chain issues, which have led to wooden framing becoming more expensive than it used to be. By comparison, steel framing is now a much more affordable option. Beyond its affordability, there are also some distinct advantages of steel framing.

What Are the Advantages of Steel Framing?

Steel is a very strong material. A steel frame requires little maintenance and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Furthermore, Steel can be molded into a plethora of shapes to suit a variety of buildings.

Each of these advantages makes steel framing an affordable and durable choice. With comparable initial costs, steel framing also costs less in repairs than traditional framing and is easier to work with.

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