Does Steel Stud Framing Perform Well During Earthquakes?

Does Steel Stud Framing Perform Well During Earthquakes?

With the rising cost of wood, steel stud framing has become an increasingly popular option across B.C. However, one concern that many prospective buyers have is regarding earthquake safety. Much of B.C is in the "Ring of Fire", meaning the land is more susceptible to earthquakes. As a result, people are often worried that steel stud framing will not perform during an earthquake.

Truth be told, this has been a long-running misconception. Steel stud framing performs just as well or sometimes even better than wood during an earthquake. However, it is important to understand and identify the conditions that will affect a building's performance during an earthquake.

How Much of a Concern Is Earthquake Damage?

The main concern with earthquakes is damage to the foundation, which in turn can lead to structural failure of the home. The more vulnerable a building foundation is to damage from earthquakes, the more likely it is that structural failure will occur.

Steel stud framing provides a sturdy foundation for a home and is, therefore, the best option for ensuring a building does not suffer structural damage. Additionally, steel stud framing is resistant to rot and mold and will not be as easily compromised as wood.

It can be difficult to predict how a building will perform during an earthquake because it is hard to determine exactly how much displacement will occur. However, poorly constructed homes face the most risk.

If you are concerned about the impact an earthquake can have on your home, it might be time to consider steel stud framing. At Turner Bros, we are expert providers of quality plaster, drywall, steel stud framing, and acoustic ceiling contracting services throughout Greater Vancouver.

Turner Bros Contractors Ltd. has been providing steel-stud framing, drywall, and acoustic ceiling services for residential and commercial applications in the Vancouver area since 1932. The company is family-run with four generations of the family represented in the business.

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