Does Exterior Wall Steel Framing Perform Well in Snow or Ice?

Does Exterior Wall Steel Framing Perform Well in Snow or Ice

As the dog days of summer fade away into the rearview mirror, business owners are shifting their attention towards the unforgiving cold of the winter. While it is easy for citizens to bundle up, offices and homes do not have the same option. When winter comes, the foundation and structure of the building will be continuously tested.

That is why more and more developers are relying on steel construction. When the temperature drops, steel remains effective and resilient. The material is so durable to extreme weather conditions that steel structures can even be erected during freezing temperatures.

Why Are Steel Structures Good in Cold Climates?

Extreme cold, strong winds, and relentless snow will erode most structures. However, steel is resilient to all of these elements. With steel framing, executive offices or retail stores can stay open on the coldest days of winter without any problems.

Furthermore, steel buildings are well insulated to help control temperature during the coldest months. When temperatures drop below freezing, steel will retain its warmth much better than other comparable materials.

Addition Benefits to Steel Construction

Steel framing provides more benefits than its weather-resistant properties. Steel structures cost less than wood buildings to own over time since they do not require constant maintenance and upkeep. Buildings made from wood have to deal with rot, pests, leaks, and other damage.

New steel buildings are also more energy-efficient than traditional metal structures. The structure will protect against cold winds and retain heat when temperatures warm up. This also means that business owners pay less for utilities.

Finally, steel buildings can be erected faster than other materials and with less labor required. The structure does not require much excavation or ground foundation. This is a great benefit for business owners looking to save money and time in the construction process.

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