Can You Install Drywall Over Old Plaster?

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Installing drywall over plaster

If your walls in your house are ugly or dull because of plaster that is past its prime or not to your taste, you can cover the plaster with drywall. It’s as simple as just putting the drywall sheets right over old plaster.

By using some sheets you can cover up old imperfections without a lot of complications.

5 Quick Tips Regarding the Installation of Drywall over Old Plaster

1. Affordability

If you are faced with redoing plaster or repairing plaster walls, it may be cheaper to just put drywall right over it. Its affordability makes it a popular selection for many homeowners. Installing drywall will probably be cheaper and faster than working with plaster walls.

2. Elegance and beauty

Drywall will be smooth, sleek, and beautiful when installed by professional installers. It’s harder for amateurs to get the same end result as professionals, especially when it comes time for mudding and taping. Drywall can be painted numerous times to achieve any look you want.

3. Insulation properties

When the drywall is installed in a house it helps to retain the room temperature whether it is warm or cold and increases insulation. This will help you increase your energy efficiency, lower your energy costs, and keep the interior temperature stable.

4. Fire resistance

Drywall will slow the spread of fires in buildings. Drywall is typically rated for controlling the spread of fire for 30 minutes. There is special drywall (Type X) that you can buy with a slightly different core, that is rated for one hour of controlling the spread the fire.

How the fire resistance of drywall compares to plaster is not a simple question. Old-fashioned plaster installed on wood lath was a tinder box. Now plaster is installed sometimes on metal lath which is a different story.

5. Easy to install and repair

Drywall is pretty easy both to install or repair. That said, the mudding and taping are more difficult, and you need them done well to have a professional-looking job. Nevertheless, if you're ready for a change, installing drywall over tired plaster will give you a classy, modern, neat, and beautiful look.

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