Can Steel Studs Buckle Under the Heat?

Can Steel Studs Buckle Under the Heat

The types of studs used in a construction project can have a major impact on its long-term durability. For instance, the extreme temperature of summer and winter will impact their performance. While most studs can handle the natural change of the season, the only material that can consistently withstand extreme heat is steel. Without the use of steel studs, whole foundations can topple over.

Steel Studs Can Handle Changing Temperatures

When summertime brings rising temperatures, metal studs’ ability to handle extreme conditions shines. Steel studs do not shrink or split from the heat, nor will they collect mold or begin to rot from humidity.

Although the initial cost of steel studs might be higher than wood, you will be investing in a low-maintenance framing option that is likely to last decades.

Steel Studs Are Fireproof

With rising temperatures, there is the potential that steel studs will need to endure much more than just the hot summertime air. In this capacity, steel studs are your best option in the event of wildfires. There is a reason many call them “disaster-proof” studs.

Steel studs are non-combustible, meaning they resist ignition and are not easily damaged when exposed to high temperatures. When dealing with a fire, the extent of the damage will largely depend on the capacity of studs. If the studs start to erode, the whole foundation will quickly collapse.

The Lasting Benefits of Steel Studs

Steel studs are clearly an excellent option for beating the heat. Not only do they react especially well to changing weather conditions, but they are also the most robust option for fireproofing your structure’s frame. With steel studs, you can be confident that they will not buckle under the heat!

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