Can Steel Studs Be Used to Renovate an Old Building?

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Steel studs can definitely be used in renovating an old building because they are durable and dependable. The studs will be covered up in the finished product, so it won't take away from any heritage building aesthetics.

Steel studs are frequently considered more environmentally friendly compared to wood because steel can be recycled.

Steel studs are light, a great selection to create the framework for valances, wall motifs, and ceiling. In this article we will explain why using steel studs is advantageous.

1. Durable

Steel studs are designed to last for a long time. They are impervious to splitting, fire, rot, and termites.

2. Predictable

If you use steel studs to renovate your building you know exactly how the product is going to perform. There is no guesswork. Steel metal studs never disappoint.

3. Cost

Steel studs used for renovation are around 30 percent more expensive than wood studs. However, because they are hollow, they are lighter than wood studs which saves money on transport and storage.

4. Lightweight

Steel studs are lighter than wood.

5. Great for problem areas

Steel metal studs work well in water-prone areas and bathrooms.

6. Easy to install

Steel studs are easier to install. This is because the studs weigh around third less compared to wood.

7. Fire and insects

Termites and carpenter ants can damage wood severely but steel cannot be destroyed by insects. A building renovated with steel studs is much more fireproof.

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