Can Installing Acoustic Ceilings Actually Help my Health?

Can Installing Acoustic Ceilings Actually Help my Health?

Yes! Ambient noise can be a remarkable entity when it comes to health, with loud or sudden noises from outside your home or even from other rooms having an adverse effect on your sleep and constant low level noises often being a source of stress for residents of a home.

The solution to many noise-related problems, even in homes and businesses located too close to major noise sources such as airports and highways, could be as simple as installing an acoustic ceiling.

Unwanted sound can have a direct adverse effect on your health by increasing your heart rate, blood pressure and altering your breathing rate all of which can lead to a stress response in the body. There have even been links made between excessive environmental noise from sources such as airplanes and nearby trains and cognitive difficulties in children up to and including learning disabilities. The ideal ambient environment is filled with pleasant and relaxing sounds such as music, pleasant noises of nature or the natural sounds within the room itself.

Acoustic Ceilings help absorb outside noises and add a richer, deeper quality to the noises within a space allowing you to concentrate your exposure to the pleasant relaxing sounds which enrich your life and keep out stress-inducing noises caused by the modern world. Acoustic Ceilings can even have a benefit from room to room, allowing sound to be isolated in individual rooms and improving general soundproofing in a space. In office and work environments acoustic ceilings can break up sound transfer between floors of a building and allow workers on various levels to have a more peaceful work environment.

Lastly, acoustic ceilings look great and add an additional aesthetic appeal on top of their sound absorbing properties that can bring a unique flourish to a room’s design, covering up unsightly beams from the floor above, ventilation, piping etc.

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