Can I Replace a Load-Bearing Wall With a Steel Support Beam?

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You absolutely can replace a load-bearing wall with a steel support beam. This is because steel support beams are designed to be load-bearing in big buildings, skyscrapers, and garages. There are several reasons why you can and should replace a load-bearing wall with a steel support beam.

The steel support beam has a variety of benefits. These include the following:

  • Sustainability
  • Affordability
  • Durability

The steel support beam is a versatile building component compared to other materials.

-Steel is lighter than wood: You can use a steel support beam when it comes to framing. The steel beam is lighter compared to LVL and glulam. A lot of steel can be transported using a single volume of fuel compared to any other construction material. This is good for the environment and saves energy. Wood, concrete, and rock are heavy substances.

-You can build faster with a steel support beam: Building faster usually means cost savings in the building budget.  

-Sustainable construction: Steel provides sustainable construction in residential and commercial settings.

-Steel is cheap and more efficient: When you use steel for your building materials you will incur lower foundation charges, general savings, increase returns, and the rate of future savings goes up.

-Steel support beams looks great: Steel has eye-catching beauty compared to other materials. It’s sleek and contemporary.

-Modification: Buildings that are designed and engineered with steel can be easily modified. The engineers can strengthen existing steel columns and beams by fixing them to steel plates.

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