Are Metal Studs Now Cheaper Than Wood?

Are Metal Studs Now Cheaper Than Wood

With the rising price of lumber, those planning a new home development or renovation are facing a hard decision - should they go with metal studs or wooden studs? There is no hard and fast answer, but when it comes to value, durability, and efficiency, metal studs are the ideal solution.

The Benefits of Metal Studs

With the price of lumber on the rise, one of the reasons why more people are opting for metal studs is because they are now a similar price to wooden studs. When paying the same price, metal studs provide significantly more value.

Metal studs are much more durable in harsh weather conditions, as they will not warp or rot from rain. Metal studs are also fire-resistant, which means that small fires will not turn into massive disasters.

The benefits of metal studs are not just limited to their durability. When it comes to energy efficiency, metal studs are the clear winner. Metal studs offer greater airtightness than wood, which will save money on electricity in the long run.

Metal Studs are Becoming the Preferred Choice

Not only are metal studs more durable, but metal studs are also easier to install than wooden studs. Due to their added durability, and energy efficiency they are perfect for new home construction or renovations.

Metal studs provide more value when sold at a comparative price to wooden studs. As a result, metal studs are fast becoming the preferred choice in homes throughout Canada. If you want to learn more about metal studs, contact us.

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